What Do You Do And For Whom?


At Legacy Trust, we provide wealth management, trust and family office services to individuals and families in West Michigan, designed to meet the needs of our current and prospective clients.  This has led us to develop specialties and expertise in several different areas of wealth management.

When meeting with prospects and centers of influence, one of the questions we hear most is “Who is your typical or target client?”  It is a question we relish and we spend much time discussing this topic internally.

Inside wealth management, our services are directed toward business owners, executives, retirees and high net worth individuals with investable assets over $1,000,000.  We work with business owners to plan the next phase in their lives after they sell their company.  We work with executives that are ready to pursue their passion.  We work with high net worth individuals who value professional advice and a partnership.  Investment management is at the core of our wealth management offering and it is what Legacy Trust is most well-known for doing.  We also offer financial planning and consulting services on a wide range of matters related to wealth management.

In order to act as a trustee in Michigan, you must be an individual or a bank.  We organized as a bank specifically to have these “trust powers” to serve in different fiduciary capacities; sole trustee, co-trustee, directed/delegated trustee to name a few.  Many families will name Legacy Trust to serve as a co-trustee with a trusted family member.  We take on the task of administering the trust and managing investments, while the family member provides insight into the family dynamic and communicates the needs of each beneficiary.  We also partner with Registered Investment Advisors (RIA’s) to serve as a directed or delegated trustee on relationships needing a corporate trustee.  The RIA’s continue to manage the client’s investments and the relationship.  Legacy Trust focuses on providing the fiduciary oversight by leveraging our corporate “trust powers.”

Our family office services are continually evolving and are a large source of our growth.  The highly customized services are designed to provide simplicity, collaboration and value.  I cannot speak enough about the work of our family office and we are very lucky to have them as a part of Legacy Trust.

Our clients are serious about their financial well-being.  They are stewards of their families, their businesses and their communities.  They are forward thinking.  They have been through periods of stock market volatility and they too have moments when they feel nervous.  We are a family at Legacy Trust and we approach the issues our clients face as if they were our own.  We know their fears, their concerns, and the obstacles in their path.  Our success is determined by our ability to meet the needs of our clients and their willingness to have us as their partner in their financial journey.  Our interests are aligned with those of our clients.

We, the employees of Legacy Trust, work for our clients.  Our paystubs tell us otherwise, but we know why we are here, what we do and who we truly serve.