The Outsider in the Family


It has been almost 6 months since I joined the Legacy Trust team and I’d like to reflect on that time for my blog post, and how my role in the company is not unlike the role of running a family office.

In order to make each family office successful it must have a set of family values that get passed on from generation to generation.  These values guide the family in their charitable endeavors, how they invest, how wealth gets transferred, the value of work, and the list goes on.  Any new member, outsider, to the family or a manager of the family’s office must understand these values to be successful.

When I came to Legacy Trust, I was the outsider and in order for me to be successful I needed to begin with understanding the company’s values.  I started with the gatekeepers, those that have been with the company since it began over 10 years ago.  I listened to why the company was started.  I listened to why the Legacy Trust Award Collection was formed to promote artists with disabilities.  I listened to the stories of how Legacy Trust has helped its clients with compassionate financial advice.  I listened to how and why each employee came to Legacy.  I listen to and have now witnessed how each employee is making a difference in the lives of our clients.

So far what I have learned through listening is the value that Legacy Trust places on helping families understand their values, and what those values mean as they plan for wealth transfer to the next generation.