Local Lunch Extravaganza: Food Trucks


In the spirit of summer, we decided to visit the local food trucks and have a nice meal at the steps of the Grand Rapids Art Museum. Each Thursday around lunchtime, throughout the summer months, there are food trucks stationed at Rosa Parks Circle. They offer local, unique cuisine at an affordable price. Typically, there are about 5 trucks that offer everything from BBQ to fresh crepes. Below are the names of the trucks you might find on any given Thursday.

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I decided to order from “Blue Spoon” They offer tacos, burritos, nachos and other Tex-Mex cuisine. I chose the burrito bowl with ground beef; and man, was it tasty! I received a generous portion of food and a side of chips for under $10. I would recommend heading over to Rosa Parks some Thursday during lunch this summer to try one of our great local food trucks!

The link below has more information.