Is It Time For A Family Office?


Just sold the family business? Preparing for a trusted confidant to retire? It may be time to consider a family office. Our own Bill Walker explores what family offices are – and what questions families need to ask before deciding to establish one. This article in MiBiz outlines the top 10 considerations that families need to keep in mind when deciding whether or not establishing a family office makes sense for them.

As the article notes: “Legacy Trust is one of a small handful of West Michigan-grown wealth management providers with deep expertise in family office who can offer all these things. Our organizational structure allows for a company of our size to remove any advantages of ‘bigness’ by bringing best-in-class services and the flexibility to design and staff service programs that meet the needs of each family.”

If you know a family who is considering its next steps, feel free to pass this along – and point them in our direction.