Get Your Finances In Shape for 2020


Estate planning is not “one and done.” Periodically, reviewing your will, trust, patient advocate, and power of attorney documents is extremely important.  Changes to your family dynamics, wealth, assets, health and personal philosophy on wealth warrant revisiting these documents and the wishes you have specified.

Children get older, grandchildren are born, and loved ones pass away.  Assets grow, businesses are sold, and fortunes squandered. Tax laws change, charities come in and out of favor, and lastly, age and health are ever changing.  Does your estate plan accurately reflect your current circumstances and intent?

One of the most frequently overlooked consideration in estate plans is who has been appointed as trustee and personal representative.  If you’ve appointed an individual, have their circumstances changed?  Are they still the right person for the job?  Individuals can move far away, lose touch or die.  Perhaps, it’s time you consider a corporate fiduciary for some of these important roles.

To learn more about why it may be time to revisit your estate plans, please listen to this podcast featuring Kelly DeRidder of Legacy Trust and Shelley Irwin of the WGVU Morning Show with Shelley Irwin.

WGVU Podcast with Shelley Irwin feat. Kelly DeRidder