Community Trust and Leadership


Legacy Trust stands apart from other firms in our industry in many ways. We are particularly proud of our local roots and our collective commitment to the community.

As a firm, we are an active community partner, investing in the arts, education and the environment. Beyond our financial investments, we host staff volunteer days – raking leaves in the wallaby and bear enclosures at John Ball Zoo is just one example.

Individually, our team members invest their time and talent in many of the community institutions that make West Michigan a great place for all of us to work and live. In fact, Legacy Trust employees volunteer with, serve as board members for and contribute to nearly 40 nonprofits and educational institutions in West Michigan.

On a personal level, last year I was honored to be appointed board chair for John Ball Zoo. I have been involved with the Zoo for over ten years, and it has always been a magical place where families can come together. It provides a fun, exciting and educational experience for all ages, and it is a treasured organization within our community that supports conservation and accessibility to all.

We all understand that commitment to community is a core value for our members, and we seek to live that through our actions and engagement. Being engaged in the community allows our team to expand our professional networks and create new opportunities for business development – plus it makes our work culture more fulfilling.

To be our best, we must generate a level of trust with clients and the community that extends beyond the financial world. The things that matter most to our clients – our cities, neighborhoods, parks, education and the arts – matter to us, as well. We are honored to serve as community stewards. That will always be part of our legacy.