You know what is said about change; that it is inevitable, which is so true.  With that being said the reason for change and how we adjust to it is solely up to each of us as individuals.

In 1991 I began my career in banking as a teller at Old Kent and over the course of my nine years there, I became an administrative assistant in their treasury department.  In November of 2000 when Fifth Third purchased Old Kent, my position was eliminated and I had three months to find a new job.  That opportunity for change brought me to Founders Bank & Trust as an assistant in their trust department.  I found the adjustment from a very large institution to a small and more personal environment challenging in the beginning.  However, I soon adjusted and could clearly see the advantage a smaller financial organization offers its clients.

In July of 2014, I faced another change when Old National purchased Founders Bank & Trust.  I felt as if I was going backward, returning to a larger more impersonal environment.   I lost what I call my “instant gratification” when assisting my clients.  In a smaller organization when a client calls with a request, I can have an answer or resolution for them right away.   I knew I needed to make a change that could restore my ability to make an impact.

I was very fortunate to hear about an opening at Legacy Trust and knowing some of the people there from my Old Kent days and the culture they promote, I did not hesitate.  In February of this year I joined Legacy as an administrative assistant.  It is giving me a place to continue what I feel is most important; impeccable customer service.  This is not only important to me and how I feel at the end of each day, but to the clients of Legacy Trust.  There can never be too much “customer service”.

Thank you to Legacy Trust as I look forward to a long and fulfilling continuation of my career in the financial world.