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At Legacy Trust, we utilize an institutional approach to investment management, with our investment outlook and framework developed at the firm level and tailored to each client’s needs at the portfolio level.  We apply a disciplined approach to develop well-diversified strategic asset allocation plans that specify the appropriate mix of global equities, fixed income, alternatives and cash that will put our clients in the best position to reach their goals.  We further seek to diversify portfolio by allocating to many underlying sub-asset classes based on our market and economic outlook.

Once complete, this detailed asset allocation plan then serves as the blueprint for our clients’ portfolio construction. We utilize an “open architecture” platform, meaning that we do not limit our clients to a pre-set list of proprietary investment solutions or products and instead access best-in-class third party managers. We also offer a separately managed Core Equity strategy that is managed in-house, designed to provide a lower cost, transparent, tax-sensitive approach to the U.S. large cap equity portion of the portfolio – traditionally the largest component of a diversified equity allocation.

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