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The Winchester is located in the Wealthy Street Corridor of Grand Rapids which has undergone a major renaissance over the last decade. The Winchester has been considered one of the main leaders in the growth of the Wealthy Street area and offers a unique dining experience with interesting food options, a rotating menu, and a fantastic selection of craft beers. The pub offers a casual, upscale atmosphere with an excellent outdoor patio that provides customers with a great place to spend a sunny afternoon. The food offered at The Winchester never disappoints and is something that you cannot find at many other restaurants. One of the more unique food options is the Pigs Head Cubano,  which is served exactly as it sounds; it’s an actual pigs head!

Amongst all of the other tasty food options at The Winchester is a great selection of burgers. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting the burgers at The Winchester to blow me away but I was wrong. I tried the classic olive burger, made with a double beef patty, olive mayonnaise, lettuce, cheese, and a brioche bun from the Nantucket Bakery. I think the main ingredient that set this burger apart was the beef; it had a great flavor and was not loaded with grease. The olive mayonnaise was also delicious and given that the burger had two beef patties, I certainly did not have room for dessert. So, if you find yourself shopping at Art of the Table or are just heading back from downtown, make sure you stop at The Winchester to try some of their fantastic food!